Peer Comment (Week 4) (Melissa Montanez)

Hello, Melissa Montanez

I must say I really enjoyed reading your post about Saturday night fever. It brings me back to when I was growing up and all my dad ever did was jam to disco music and I kind of got use to it, I had no choice; He treated everyday like it was a Saturday night. I have to agree with you on the fact that back in the day and now “2013” are kind of similar due to the fact that the youngsters want to imitate the music professionals and how our society reflects the same way it did back then with sex, drugs, drinks and dancing like you have stated. This world is full of plenty followers but not that many leaders. Thanks for posting this; it was well written and very informative.

David Figueroa


Independent Research Entry (Blog) (Mariah Carey)

Discuss what impact the topic has had on other artists and popular music.

Mariah Carey has set a standard for female singers overall. When you think of a singer, the first thing you think of is, Whitney Houston, Tony Braxton and I feel that Mariah Carey belongs in that category. The way she hits those high notes, I believe not many can hit those, except Ariana Grande. Singers try to be like her or better and that’s just impossible, Mariah is too unique, she has her own style.


Discuss a minimum of two unique characteristics of the topic that you have chosen

One characteristic for sure is that Mariah has a unique voice that no one can imitate. Her style, voice, and was she dresses is what made the singer famous. Her voice is so unique, you can just hear it and know its Mariah Carey singing. Another characteristic is that Mariah has more number 1 albums than any other singer in the world. What impresses me the most is that she worked her way to the top, somehow reached the bottom due to an emotional and physical breakdown and then made it back to the top in 2005 with the release of “The Emancipation of Mimi.”


What impression did the topic leave with you as a listener and as an industry professional?

I grew up listening to Mariah Carey and She got signed to a label at 18yrs old which makes it 1988, the year I was born. I am very impressed with her voice and the way she sings. Her voice is unique and I could listen to it and never get tired of it. As an industry professional, I feel that producing her work was a piece of cake because of her amazing singing skills. With such a great voice, any producer would make a name in this industry producing her work.


How do you see yourself fitting into this big field of music five years down the road?

I feel that 5 years down the road, if I become successful or not, I’ll still be doing music and producing it. All will fall into place with time because maybe the singer that would make you famous is still a child. I see myself fitting into the big field of music easily because with all the knowledge I have gained with Full Sail all I have to do is find an amazing singer close to what Mariah Carey did and produce a great demo tape and hopefully have her get signed to a label.


Born in March 27, 1990 in Long Island New York, a new star by the name of Mariah Carey became the top singer of the century. She began taking vocal lessons at the age of 4 because her mother knew she had some unique talent. She use to sing in clubs just to get her name out there, and at the age of 18 a day after her high school graduation she moved to Manhattan New York to pursue her career in music and that’s exactly what happen. She put out a demo tape and She got signed to a Record label by Tommy Mottola whom later down the road became her husband. Mariah Carey has more #1’s than any other singer in the world. 5 years later she divorced Tommy, and released the album Butterfly. She then signed with virgin records for roughly 80-100 million dollars. Mariah released a movie called Glitter and also the soundtrack to the movie, which became a flop, and didn’t really sell that much. Virgin records would then drop her from the label and Mariah at the time was depressed. People started to question her, she felt lost, and she definitely needed help. On July 25, 2001 Mariah’s mom called 911 seeking help for her daughter. She was hospitalized from physical and emotional breakdown. People then believed her career was over. In 2005 Benny Medina would then manager her to have her achieve 3 more Grammy awards with the release of the emancipation of Mimi. Later down the road she released an album called touch my body and with the great success that album received she was in the same category as Elvis Presley and The Beatles as the best three top selling artist of the last half century. I’ve never seen an artist reach the top and go all the way to the bottom and then come back from the bottom to reach the top spot again, Mariah is the only person I know that did that.

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Peer Comment (Week 3)

Hey Richard, I’ve enjoyed reading your post about Deadmau5. He has done such an amazing job setting himself apart from all other individuals that create Electronic music by creating something new; something that he hasn’t heard before like you have stated. Deadmau5 is one of my favorite artists when it comes down to listening electronic music. Skrillex and Daft punk are my favorite too but they all have their own unique style and I believe that between the three they are keeping electronic music alive. I like how you stated how he started, how the mouse hat he wears came into play, and what was his breakthrough year that really set him on top. Great Post overall and for people who do not know about Deadmau5 this post will shed some light.

-David Figueroa

Electronic Composer, Artist or Innovation entry

1. Choose an inventor, technical innovation or Electronic Music Artist/DJ from this shared Google doc to profile in this blog entry

I chose Pro Tools

2. Enter your name in the student column to claim your choice. Each student will cover a different subject.

Signed my name in the student column next to Pro Tools

3. Discuss what impact your subject has had on electronic music

Pro Tools is the industry standard professional Digital Audio Workstation for Macs and Pc made by Avid. It started as Sound Tools back in 1989 and the first Pro Tools released in 1991 with Digidesign being the distributer. This software has influenced many individuals to become professional from their own home throughout the years. The application allows virtual instruments to be used in the case that you cannot afford actual hardware. The program supports MIDI for keyboards and other equipment that has MIDI capabilities. Pro Tools has a ton of synths and sounds with the use of Plug Ins or other software instruments like Native Instruments etc. Pro Tools became so successful that Apple came out with Logic, which is very user friendly when it comes to making beats and sounds but Pro Tools is used and loved by many and also became the go to software for recording, mixing, and mastering. The impact this software has had to this industry is that it provides more than just recording with the program; it’s very versatile, In fact this program was used to record all the sounds for video games such as Guitar Hero and DJ Hero. Artists in this industry use the program to create all of their music like Electronic music for example because you can use Plug INS on top of virtual or actual instruments to achieve the sounds you are trying to produce. With Pro Tools being the industry standard in recording, producing, mixing, and mastering, anyone can become a professional from their home making beats and recording artists; all it takes is a little time and dedication to learning the program inside out.

4. Discuss a minimum of two characteristics of your subject that you have chosen e.g. the composer or artist’s works, influences of the artist or DJ, who they have influenced, the creator of the innovation, uses of the innovation, music examples of the innovation.

As I stated before, Pro Tools is more than just a recording program. One characteristic is that Pro Tools can be found anywhere in the world in about every studio. Just looking at the software alone gives you the motivation to actually start creating music or want to learn more about the program to get your ideas going. Another characteristic is that not only can it be used for recording and engineering, but also it can be used for waveform editing and audio editing for Audio Post Production work. Most studios that edit films use Pro Tools to edit the audio and sync it to picture. Pro Tools recently launched version 11, which makes it the first Pro Tools to use 64 bit, and dropped RTAS to use AAX format.

5. What impression does composer, technical innovation or artist leave with you as a listener and as an industry professional?

I am highly impressed on how much Pro Tools grew, it came a long way and it’s still going strong. Being an industry professional, I’m glad I’ve learned to use many applications but none come close to the endless possibilities Pro Tools can offer. I am looking into working in the studio or doing Audio Post and I don’t see me using anything else but Pro Tools. If it weren’t for Evan Brooks or Peter Gotcher who know what would have happened to all these songs and albums that were recorded using Pro Tools and what would be the Industry Standard DAW? Pro Tools started it all and everyone else started to branch out to make their own application to compete against Pro Tools.

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Electronic Music entry

1. Describe the music and image of Kraftwerk?

Kraftwerk is an electronic genre based band from Germany. Their music has influenced many people and they started the beginning of what is an amazing genre from artist that also play in this age like Daft Punk.

2. Discuss the albums released by Kraftwerk from 1974-1981

Between the years of 1974-1981 Kraftwerk released several Albums including their multi-selling Album that really set them on top and got them noticed “Autobahn.” The other four albums were Trans-Europe Express, Radio-Activity, The Man Machine, and Computer World. Radio Activity talked about radio communication. On the Trans-Europe Express album their goal was to get train ambience music.

3. Discuss a minimum of two characteristics of Kraftwerk’s music that earns them the position of the biggest influence on electronic music e.g. visual and musical aesthetic, album concepts, artists they have influenced, production qualities, lyrical themes, etc.

Kraftwerk has done an amazing job with their Electronic music and one of their characteristics is that they influenced so many people with their music like David Bowie for example. If it weren’t for them, Daft Punk and other similar Electronic music bands would not have existed. Another Characteristic is that they like to make music based off their surroundings especially when it comes down to their lyrics. Also their instrumentation was very unique and I believe that because of it, they got to be very successful.

4. What impression does the work of Kraftwerk leave with you as a listener and as an industry professional?

As an industry professional I must say their music existed way before I was even brought into this world but that didn’t stop me from being curious and listening to music way before my time. I do remember a song my dad use to listen too while I was growing up and now I know who made it. They made great music especially with their instrumentation like I stated before. When it comes down to innovation I must say that without them none of these awesome electronic bands would have existed.

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