Advanced Interactive Audio: Final Project Portfolio

Advanced Interactive Audio: Final Project Portfolio

Red Square Overview

Introduction and The Game Map

Hello, my name is David Figueroa and I want to welcome you to my Portfolio. This month I took Advanced Interactive Audio and it was such an amazing course, it really opened up my eyes to make some sounds for games in the future or as a possible career. The map I chose to do this month is called Red Square, kind of like a Russian military base or feel to it with snow. The way I could achieve to implement sounds into that map is with windows software called UDK (Unreal Development Kit). The reason I chose Red Square is because I felt I could add some soldier sounds because just looking at it makes me feel it’s a base/battlefield. It has a war feel to it and the actual map is awesome. Ideas started to flow in my mind and that’s exactly why I chose this map. Below are videos of the sounds I created.

Red Square map Sound Cues

Aesthetics Of The Audio

For My Ambience Sounds I had 4 sounds. I had my exterior sound, which was wind, my flag sound, and my courtyard sound. Then I had my interior sound, which I added into my hallways and made them into water dripping sounds. I added the exterior sounds using an AmbientSoundSimple and placed them close to each other kind of like a triangle shape and then adjusted the min and max radius of each one so you can hear the loudest part of the sound depending on where you are standing and when you start to walk away from it, the sound starts to fade away instead of cutoff.

Red Square map Sound Cues and Triggers

As far as my Stingers, I placed them all around the map. For one of my stingers, I made a bat sound because there’s a dark alley in the map and I placed the stingers using a trigger touch, which means, if you walk by that area where I placed my trigger the sound will go off and play. I placed two triggers in that alley. I had another trigger that I was going to use for my portal sound but I completely forgot we created a portal sound so what I ended up doing is adding the as my respawn sound. Thomas from lab helped me out with this since we didn’t cover this in lab. So we added the soundcue to play every time the player dies and respawns. I think it was like a trigger but if I recall it had the name Spawn in it or maybe looking for it was in the Spawn category. Thomas also showed me that we can add a Log to troubleshoot in game when you are adding sounds to see if they are working or not. For example, if we added a trigger used, that log would show on screen when the sound suppose to go off or on. For my other stingers they we all sound effects like Airplane and soldiers marching, etc. I mostly added all of them using triggers so when you walk or respawn in that specific area, the sound plays.

Red Square map Triggers

Implementation Of Audio Using UDK

Objects are sounds that make the game believable. From small to medium health pickup sounds to alarms going off when you cant go in a specific door, “Door No Access” I implemented the in the game without an issue. I had to create soundcues for the sounds I had and just replace them with the already implemented ones on Kismet. Kismet is a Node-Based Scripting Program within UDK. So this is pretty much like Midi, you connect from one device to another but it’s very easy and you don’t see a screen full of text like scripting normally is. I took some screenshots of my Kismet showing how I wired all my triggers using a Play Sound. I also named each Trigger since they will all mostly look alike when it comes to being wired so that way I know what trigger is what sound in the map and if I need to make adjustments, looking for what I need won’t me so difficult.

Kismet Detailed 2

Kismet Detailed

Kismet Detailed 3



I must say I really learned a lot this month. I didn’t know Advanced Interactive Audio was going to be about Game Audio. I started the class thinking; oh I’ll be making sounds for weird and boring things, yay! But when I found out it was all about game audio, I was ecstatic, I told myself Christmas arrived early! The idea of making game audio never crossed my mind, but this class really opened my eye and has taught me enough to at least defend myself in the near future or maybe a project a Full Sail student that’s in game design is working on. I plan to go in depth with learning more about game design and UDK. My favorite game of all time is Gears Of War and just the thought of me working within the program they used to create the game and implementing my own sounds into a first person shooter game blows my mind. This class has really taught me things I though was never possible for me to learn but with such great instructors like Tom Todia and Thomas, anything is possible. I can’t thank you guys enough.


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