Electronic Music entry

1. Describe the music and image of Kraftwerk?

Kraftwerk is an electronic genre based band from Germany. Their music has influenced many people and they started the beginning of what is an amazing genre from artist that also play in this age like Daft Punk.

2. Discuss the albums released by Kraftwerk from 1974-1981

Between the years of 1974-1981 Kraftwerk released several Albums including their multi-selling Album that really set them on top and got them noticed “Autobahn.” The other four albums were Trans-Europe Express, Radio-Activity, The Man Machine, and Computer World. Radio Activity talked about radio communication. On the Trans-Europe Express album their goal was to get train ambience music.

3. Discuss a minimum of two characteristics of Kraftwerk’s music that earns them the position of the biggest influence on electronic music e.g. visual and musical aesthetic, album concepts, artists they have influenced, production qualities, lyrical themes, etc.

Kraftwerk has done an amazing job with their Electronic music and one of their characteristics is that they influenced so many people with their music like David Bowie for example. If it weren’t for them, Daft Punk and other similar Electronic music bands would not have existed. Another Characteristic is that they like to make music based off their surroundings especially when it comes down to their lyrics. Also their instrumentation was very unique and I believe that because of it, they got to be very successful.

4. What impression does the work of Kraftwerk leave with you as a listener and as an industry professional?

As an industry professional I must say their music existed way before I was even brought into this world but that didn’t stop me from being curious and listening to music way before my time. I do remember a song my dad use to listen too while I was growing up and now I know who made it. They made great music especially with their instrumentation like I stated before. When it comes down to innovation I must say that without them none of these awesome electronic bands would have existed.

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