Electronic Composer, Artist or Innovation entry

1. Choose an inventor, technical innovation or Electronic Music Artist/DJ from this shared Google doc to profile in this blog entry

I chose Pro Tools

2. Enter your name in the student column to claim your choice. Each student will cover a different subject.

Signed my name in the student column next to Pro Tools

3. Discuss what impact your subject has had on electronic music

Pro Tools is the industry standard professional Digital Audio Workstation for Macs and Pc made by Avid. It started as Sound Tools back in 1989 and the first Pro Tools released in 1991 with Digidesign being the distributer. This software has influenced many individuals to become professional from their own home throughout the years. The application allows virtual instruments to be used in the case that you cannot afford actual hardware. The program supports MIDI for keyboards and other equipment that has MIDI capabilities. Pro Tools has a ton of synths and sounds with the use of Plug Ins or other software instruments like Native Instruments etc. Pro Tools became so successful that Apple came out with Logic, which is very user friendly when it comes to making beats and sounds but Pro Tools is used and loved by many and also became the go to software for recording, mixing, and mastering. The impact this software has had to this industry is that it provides more than just recording with the program; it’s very versatile, In fact this program was used to record all the sounds for video games such as Guitar Hero and DJ Hero. Artists in this industry use the program to create all of their music like Electronic music for example because you can use Plug INS on top of virtual or actual instruments to achieve the sounds you are trying to produce. With Pro Tools being the industry standard in recording, producing, mixing, and mastering, anyone can become a professional from their home making beats and recording artists; all it takes is a little time and dedication to learning the program inside out.

4. Discuss a minimum of two characteristics of your subject that you have chosen e.g. the composer or artist’s works, influences of the artist or DJ, who they have influenced, the creator of the innovation, uses of the innovation, music examples of the innovation.

As I stated before, Pro Tools is more than just a recording program. One characteristic is that Pro Tools can be found anywhere in the world in about every studio. Just looking at the software alone gives you the motivation to actually start creating music or want to learn more about the program to get your ideas going. Another characteristic is that not only can it be used for recording and engineering, but also it can be used for waveform editing and audio editing for Audio Post Production work. Most studios that edit films use Pro Tools to edit the audio and sync it to picture. Pro Tools recently launched version 11, which makes it the first Pro Tools to use 64 bit, and dropped RTAS to use AAX format.

5. What impression does composer, technical innovation or artist leave with you as a listener and as an industry professional?

I am highly impressed on how much Pro Tools grew, it came a long way and it’s still going strong. Being an industry professional, I’m glad I’ve learned to use many applications but none come close to the endless possibilities Pro Tools can offer. I am looking into working in the studio or doing Audio Post and I don’t see me using anything else but Pro Tools. If it weren’t for Evan Brooks or Peter Gotcher who know what would have happened to all these songs and albums that were recorded using Pro Tools and what would be the Industry Standard DAW? Pro Tools started it all and everyone else started to branch out to make their own application to compete against Pro Tools.

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One thought on “Electronic Composer, Artist or Innovation entry

  1. Hello David,

    I must say that I am quite impressed with your post. Your research has been covered quite well (aside from a minuscule point or two) and presented with an apparent passion and interest into your subject matter. I am not so sure I agree with Pro Tools making you want to learn more about it. i think it would be based on personal desire opposed to the aesthetic of the software. Yes, Pro Tools is quite versatile and functional, but I would not consider it an inviting program. Also, when Pro tools first came out, there were no plug ins as you know them to be included. It was a very expensive system with an intriguingly odd learning curve. Look up some early systems and I guarantee that you will be amazed at what you find.


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