Brian Eno – 40 Years of changing music

1. Describe Brian Eno’s influences.

Brian Eno is a musician, songwriter, artist and producer. His work has revolutionized the music industry. There are many people that are influenced by Brian because of the way he does his work. He doesn’t just see the work for what it is, he tries to improve and make it unique and asks himself, “I wonder what this would sound like, What can I do to make it better, What if…” and by experimenting and trying to make it unique it’s what sets him apart from others and got the love and support from people that surrounded him. People would call him left and right to compose music or produce it.


2. Compare and contrast any two of Eno’s projects that are listed in this Google doc

In this section, the two albums I will be comparing and contrasting is Cold Play Viva La Vida Or Death And All His Friends vs. U2 All That You Can’t Leave Behind. I personally think these albums sound unique in certain aspects, from the keys to breakdowns and the vocals at some point. Both albums are laid back music for the most part but I feel that Coldplay has more acoustic guitar tracks that are even more laid back than U2’s. Both albums are well produced. U2’s Elevation song was a top hit off the album and I believe I’ve heard that track on commercials if I’m not mistaken. Coldplay had a hit song on the album as well and that song was called Viva La Vida.


3. Discuss a minimum of two characteristics that set Brian Eno’s projects apart from other recordings; e.g. visual and musical aesthetic, the pairing of art and pop music, its influence on popular music, instrumentation and production qualities.

As I stated before Brian Eno always looks at his projects for further Improvement and he is never satisfied because he has so many ideas that will just come to him. I feel as if he asks himself the 5 W’s in order to make the track his working on unique. Even though Brian produced albums for

Others, he made a couple solo albums for himself before he decided to do ambient music. Brian is a legend in my book and mentor in whatever doubts I may have, I just look up videos of him.


4. What impression does Brian Eno’s work have on you as a listener and as an industry professional?

As an industry professional all I can say is that Brian has defined a new way of recording and producing music to a point where people want to try and imitate but really can’t. Yes there’s delay plug INS and etc. but the way Brian actually did it and recorded it I feel that there’s no way of implementing the same sound structure into todays recording. Brian has done it all and just listening to him play the synthesizer makes you rethink your ability of knowledge. When it comes down to music, Producers back in the day really made a huge impact to today’s music. In this day and age, music is really not the same, to me, real music has always back in the day music.


*See Reference Page


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