The Beatles – Revolver

1. Describe the music an image of The Beatles prior to the recording of Revolver

The Beatles were an all around band that catered to both genders, Male and Female. Their music revolved mainly in romance and they became pretty successful with the pop genre. They we played on the radio and during their success took a break, which gave them time to breathe and come up with better ideas for another project, which soon became known as Revolver.

 2. What non-musical interests influenced the music and lyrical content of Revolver?

 There was a book that influenced the Beatles calledPsychedelic Experience: A Book Based On The Tibetan Book Of The Dead” written by Tim Leary.

3. Explain how the Beatles used the studio as an instrument during the recording of Revolver

The Beatles use of the studio benefitted them in such a great way because they used a series of techniques that couldn’t be reproduced anywhere else but in the studio. They used techniques such as vocal treatments and tape loops just to name a few.

4. Discuss in detail a minimum of two innovations found on Revolver e.g. tape loops, instrumentation, vocal treatments, doubling of instruments, sound effects, and compression.

In the podcast, it stated that the Beatles used a Leslie cabinet and also did some Artificial doubling to their vocals and that gave them the one of a kind sound they were looking for. With the artificial doubling the Beatles used it on all their vocals including background vocals. One of the members had a hard time doubling so they found another way of having the same effect and that was through tape delay. The Leslie cabinet gave the vocals a phase and maybe Flanger effect.

5. What impression does Revolver have on you as a listener and as an industry professional?

When it comes to my impression of the album I must say it sounds amazing. At the time I know they were in competition for the top spot against The Beach Boys and who can release better music at the time. As a consumer standpoint, by all means, compete all you guys want, we are the ones benefitting from it. I honestly love all of the innovations that were produced on the album especially the Leslie cabinet. Thanks to all the innovations that were made back in the day, as an industry professional I can reenact all those analog effect through Plug INS and waves.

 Used Podcast Check Reference Tab


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