The Beach Boys – Pet Sounds

1. Describe the music and image of The Beach Boys prior to the recording of Pet Sounds.

 The beach boys were mostly known as a group of young men who were looked upon as a surf dudes. If I’ve never heard of the band and you tell me they are called beach boys, I would think of a young group of guys that like to go to the beach and go surfing.

 2. Discuss Brian Wilson and his role within The Beach Boys

 Brian Wilson did it all; he was a singer and songwriter. He would keep recording and recording until he got the sound he wanted. He had a lot of responsibilities as a member of the group but everyone’s focus wasn’t primarily on him.

 3. What influenced Brian Wilson to write and record Pet Sounds?

 Brian Wilson heard the new Beatles album Rubber soul and He was so blown out that he went to the piano and started to write a song, he wanted to make a melody, he wanted to try and top it, he felt competitive with the Beatles. (B.Wilson) That album set him off and it’s like he lost all the attention and he wanted to regain that.

 4. Discuss a minimum of two characteristics of Pet Sounds that set it apart from other popular recordings of the mid 1960s e.g. arrangements, session musicians, instrumentation, production qualities, lyrical themes, etc.

Back in the 1960’s it was mostly all unique recording and very few sailed apart from the pack; Beach boys were one of those bands. They revolutionized the way recoding were made with their different recording techniques like speed the tape up and doubling their vocals but usually delay would make that happen now a days.  They set a new way for others to compete and come up with their own styles of recording.

5. What impression does Pet Sounds have on you as a listener and as an industry professional?

 As a listener to Pet Sounds I was speechless. Now a day’s music is garbage. I always ask myself, how did music ever go from Beatles, and Beach Boys to this modern music that only talks about things we don’t want to hear about like car, money, sex and drugs. Yes I get it drugs were heavy back in the day but music didn’t reflect that, from what I know of. From their unique styles of recording to their awesome ideas really sets them apart. I’m actually glad that the Beatles Rubber Soul was made and Brian Wilson heard it because if it weren’t for that, we would have never had one of the most amazing albums of all time Pet Sounds.

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One thought on “The Beach Boys – Pet Sounds

  1. Hello David,

    I must agree with you on your thought about the music of today. Maybe not that it is “garbage” per se, but it definitely lacks a certain emotion that used to be represented in works of yester-year. I would have like to of read a bit more detail on the influence of Wilson to write “Pet Sounds”. I did not see a single mention of Phil Spector throughout your blog. I feel like you should look over the influence relationship between Spector and Wilson. Yes, there was a competition between The Beach Boys and The Beatles, but at the time of this recording, I believe there were other inspirations going through Brian Wilson’s head.

    -Tommy Figueroa-

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